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IPTV Installation options on Smart TV’s

Last modified on June 2nd, 2023

IPTV Installation options on Smart TV’s

Nowadays we see a Smart TV on almost every house. These TV`s run like computers, having Operating Systems, big CPU`s, Having access to App Stores and … . That said, you can install an IPTV Player App on them and run the service Directly on your smart tv. On most regular smart tv`s like
Samsung and LG, these apps work almost flawlessly, providing you any sorts of options you need including EPG.
However, perfect streaming is not always guaranteed on them. For instance if a stream has high bitrate and high FPS there is a possibility that the Smart TV does not stream the channel well and frequent buffering happen. Something which most probably wont happen on an android or a firestick device.
Here are the most common Apps which can be installed on a smart tv:
1-IPTV Smarters Pro currently is the best option for most Smart TV’s including LGTV and Samsung. LiveTV is nicely categorized and movies and series have their own proper section. Here is a guide on How to install IPTV Smarters Pro on Samsung or LGTV.

2-Smart IPTV App would be another choice. It has all sorts of options like sorting channels, EPG and … . Currently it can be installed on Samsung and LG smart TV`s plus Apple TV and Firestick.¬†Installation guide can be found on the web by search Smart IPTV App.

3-Smart STB App is also a good choice although here at UBFast Streams we are limited on supporting it. If you know what MAG and Stalker Portal is and if you enjoy the way MAG works, then you have every reason to use this app. Using this one, you`ll have an app with MAG 250 platform stalker portal with all the same features and abilities. It`s paid but it`s worth it.

4-Another one is called SS IPTV. It can be installed on Smamsung, LG, Philips and Sony Smart TV`s. It`s free and easy to use.

5-Next one is Perfect Player. It`s another one of those free apps which is user friendly. It`s has nice abilities like  supporting EPG and separate bouquet listing.


There are definitely other apps/plugins/add-ons but the ones we tested and approved are the above.